This book celebrates the dark and light aspects of the circus. Photographs from the book were exhibited at the 2018 Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California.

From the introduction:

In Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang symbol reminds us that everything in life has a dual nature: opposite aspects that combine to create the whole. Darkness and light. Noir et blanc. So it is with circuses, carnivals, and marionette shows. Ordinarily, they call to mind the colorful bigtop tent, the cheerful calliope music, the sweet smell of cotton candy. But that innocence is balanced by darker notes, without which these entertainments would lose much of their fascination, thrill, and emotional resonance.

• 7" x 7" cloth hardcover with dust jacket
• 74 pages, with 30 black-and-white and color photographic plates
• Printed on Premium Lustre paper

Copies of the book are available from Photographs from the book are available for exhibition and purchase.