Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach (2019) (exhibiting ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE portfolio)

United Nations annual AI For Good Global Summit, Geneva, Switzerland (2019) (exhibiting ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE portfolio) | video interview (my portion begins at 10:45)

Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach (2018) (exhibiting Cirque Noir and Monks & Monasteries portfolios)

Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach (2017) (exhibiting Circus Portraits portfolio)


Art-Inspired Writing Contest (Jun-Jul, 2018)

Nobel Institute, Program to Accompany Nobel Peace Prize Concert (2017)

Cover Illustration of The Consolations of Philosophy, by Peter Morrison (2017)

Cover Illustration for Heather Holley's We All Need A Hero, sung by Chloe Beth Jones (2018)


Timeless Wonder of Festival of Arts, Stu News Laguna (Jul 2019)

Writing Contest Begets a Book, Laguna Beach Independent (Aug 2018)

Laureates to Host Writing Contest, Laguna Beach Independent (Jun 2018)

Literary Scene Enlivened in Laguna, Stu News Laguna (Jun 2018)

The Art of Design, Laguna Beach Magazine, pp. 48-50 (Jun 2018)

Magic Visible: The Wizardry Behind Jeff Rovner's Stunning and Mystical Fine Art Photography, Stu News Laguna (Mar 2018)

Photographer Jeff Rovner Featured at LOCA Art Club Event, Stu News Laguna (Mar 2018)

Festival's Rejuvenation Visible Inside as Well as Out, Laguna Beach Independent (Aug 2017)

How the Circus Came to Town, Stu News Laguna (Jul 2017)

Behind the Magic of Le PeTiT CiRqUe, Stu News Laguna (Jul 2017)

Laguna Life & People Profile, Stu News Laguna (May 2017)